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Do you have to choose ministry over family?

Do you have to choose ministry over family?

In our Christian walk we are often presented with the question which do I choose Family or Ministry? We explore why this question is based off a false dichotomy and that we not only don’t have to choose but one enhances the other.

Is Sport Compatible with God?

Is Sport Compatible with God?

Sport is thoroughly baked into today’s culture. Some venerate its discipline others decry it as idolatry, so what is a christian to think? Is it universally good? evil? neutral? or is there something deeper we need to evaluate?

Does Being Theologically Astute Equal Christian Maturity?

Does Being Theologically Astute Equal Christian Maturity?

Knowing our bibles is important for our walk but can we miss the point of that knowledge? In this episode we explore how our Theological knowledge can help with our Christian Maturity and that it is not the only factor in reaching a better understanding and relationship with God and our fellow man,

Does God care if you lift? – The Fitness Gospel

Does God care if you lift? – The Fitness Gospel

There is a big focus on health and fitness in society today. But how does it relate to the gospel message? Are they mutually exclusive? Or is there a direct correlation between the Gospel and God’s directives about taking care of our bodies?

Does Faith Work

Does Faith Work

What is the relationship between faith and works? The Bible is clear that we are not saved by doing good works, yet requires that we do them. How are we to understand this?

But the Church is full of Hypocrites

But the Church is full of Hypocrites

Hypocrisy is something we all experience, in all areas of our lives and it’s not the ideal. However when we go to church we expect a better experience as ideals and better way of living is what we strive for; but humanity is flawed and we all fail sometimes. So should it surprise us that a church filled with humanity and despite reaching for God’s ideals is not perfect and fails sometimes? And are we as humanity all hypocrites in some shape or fashion?

Does Christianity have any Tangible Benefits?

Does Christianity have any Tangible Benefits?

We talk a lot about Christianity. But, apart from eternal life, are there any tangible benefits to following God’s plan as laid out in the Bible? In this episode we have a chat about this, answering the question of whether we would follow these principles even if there was no eternal reward.

Does the church really care about single parents?

Does the church really care about single parents?

With so many single parents in today’s society, we often focus on the “ideal” white picket fence family and all but completely neglect non-typical families. I met a lady who articulated the issue so well and had a big story of her own that i wanted to bring to you guys. I hope you enjoy this very honest conversation with Rose Sillet.








United StatesUnited States2019-10-075Rico JBOutstanding ShowWhy do I love AUS Table Talk? Well it is because they make it feel as if you are at the table joining in their conversation. The conversation is relevant and always compelling.
United StatesUnited States2019-07-215sirjonathanEncouraging and inspiringNew listener to the podcast and I’ve enjoyed and been greatly blessed by the episodes I’ve heard. Looking forward to more!
United StatesUnited States2019-07-055HaileysaChallenge your faithI enjoy listening to these guys talk because it’s Bible base faith brought into real life. My life is always challenged when they take the discussion and ask how can we use this new understanding in our lives.
United StatesUnited States2019-01-275Boricua44Aussie TableTalkI first watched TableTalk (US version) on Hope Channel and enjoyed the way the discussion was carried out. I came across the Aussie version while listening to other SDA podcasts and am enjoying them as well. I get a kick out of your accents but most importantly, it’s the spiritual message that matters most. God bless!
United StatesUnited States2019-01-085K. EiseleI love Aus Table TalkMy favorite thing about this podcast- and I listen to many in the same vein- is the intentionality of the host. He asks legitimately good questions, and I never feel like I’m listening to something that I could already hear elsewhere.
CanadaCanada2019-07-045Auricle PodcastGreat pod!So happy this podcast exists. People need to be able to have conversations about the Bible. Too often we end up just listening to stories and sermons without diving deeper. Thank you for these inspiring conversations.
AustraliaAustralia2019-09-285Jacob BoehmGreat Podcast, Epic BlokesI stumbled across the Podcast advertised on instagram and had a look through the content. I genuinely love the discussion of deep topics that are always questions in the minds of youth but never openly discussed. AusTableTalk has taken that to the next level and addresses that front on. Keep up the work guys - God's using you in some powerful ways!!
AustraliaAustralia2019-04-305metho32Sabbath School LessonDo you do the Sabbath School Lesson?
AustraliaAustralia2018-12-095Connected AdventistOne of my top favourite podcasts!!I wait all day for the latest episode to be available! It’s always great to hear the different perspectives on topics that are relevant to our faith and our Church. Christ is always at the centre, the beginning and the end!
New ZealandNew Zealand2019-08-013asianduckpinoydogInteresting discussionRegarding the combatancy episode....would you respect the right of German adventists to choose to fight in their army against American adventists?
AustraliaAustralia2020-02-245Sane DubeAmazing!!I came across this podcast on my Instagram one day- somehow... and I’m glad I did! I have been listening to this podcast when I walk to school and I want good company, these guys have stretched my mind to think deeper about my faith on topics I didn’t know I needed to think about! I highly recommend for any Christian at whatever level of spiritual walk with God.
South AfricaSouth Africa2019-10-045Wesley RobbAuthenticRelevant, authentic & balanced conversations about faith & culture. Great podcast!
AustraliaAustralia2020-03-105minibrinniGood stuff 🙂A friend of mine recommended this podcast to me back in 2019. I love hearing about different topics regarding church life & following God. I really like the discussion format with the questions that are asked which challenges me to think deeper about my relationship with God. Thank you for the content that you give & God bless going forward. Cheers, Megan 🙂
United StatesUnited States2020-03-265Pokemaaaaaaaaaan5 stars!The first episode I heard was the one on theodicy. Not the easiest topic but I really appreciate how it feels like you’re included in the conversation and it really feels like we’re all figuring these things out together. This is a great podcast! Also a lot of bible nerd humor which I am super for. Good dudes having good conversations.
AustraliaAustralia2020-03-275SimJac53Great discussion!The guys at Aus Table Talk discuss relevant topics that are applicable and challenging. Their talks are bible based as well which is grounding. Keep up the great work!

Who are we?


Ben is our resident history expert, especially when it comes to reformation history. He is definitely the quiet analyst of our group. He brings an intellectual rigour that is insightful and unique.


Dave is a strong thinker, with a great deal of experience behind him. He has a great gift for expressing truth in a relational way that allows you to see the big picture.


Luke is the direction setting structurer of our group. Providing the broad knowledge, mental stability and enthusiastic expression that makes the conversation dynamic. Luke is a valuable asset at our table.


Mat, another history buff, has an uncanny ability to express complex ideas in easy-to-understand sound-bites. However his biggest contribution to the group is his energy. He keeps us all motivated and adds loads of authenticity.


Nathanael, although quietly spoken has a beautiful depth to his thinking and an excellent talent for using object lessons to really drive his point home. On top of that, he is also our Audio Engineer, talk about multi-skilled!

What are we doing?

We are just five guys from a regional town in Australia, with everyday jobs, everyday lives with one big thing in common. We love Jesus.

The Method

Inspired by the guys over at Lightbearers we decided to simply sit around a table and record the spiritual conversations we were already having in the hope that they would encourage others to do the same.

The Topics

We have three main episode formats,

  • Long-form Bible study (Focussing on the 28 Fundamentals)
  • Interviews with notable Adventists
  • Short-form 20 minute discussions.

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Get in touch

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you, Just use the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are using our content in any kind of way, like bible study, witnessing, or christian radio, please let us know. We would love to hear how you are using it.

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