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Burn The Haystack Collaboration

Burn The Haystack Collaboration

Burn the Haystack has quickly risen to prominence in the Adventist podcasting world (now that is a thing). We met them at the Digital Discipleship conference and knew we wanted to have them on the show. It took us some time but we finally have the episode to share with you!

If you want to check them out head over to https://www.burnthehaystack.org/ 

If you enjoyed this and would like to hear more collaborations make sure you let us know!

Evil that is good for you

Evil that is good for you

This week we decided to push out a bonus episode for you guys!

The title is intentionally provocative but rest assured there is a powerful lesson behind it that will help us cope when we need it most.

How to revive a dead chuch

How to revive a dead chuch

When Kaleb Eisele made a post on Facebook about the head elder of his church, who was also his step-dad and the impact he had on not only Kaleb, but the church as well, I knew i wanted to interview him.

Tim Baumgarten is a corporate trainer by profession but he has made a profound impact on his local church. He is a humble guy so he won’t tell you that without some investigation but I wanted to distill as many lessons as I could for you to apply in your local churches.

This interview covers a few main areas

– Tim’s Personal Story
– Intergenerational communication
– How His church revived

The Birth of God

The Birth of God

One of the great mysteries of the Bible is how God became a man. While to don’t claim to fully grasp it, in this episode we wrestle with its significance in an attempt to better appreciate the amazing work of redemption.

Beers, Beaches & Barbeques

Beers, Beaches & Barbeques

Australia holds a melting pot of cultures so our national holiday is not as simple as it is in most countries, but ultimately it is a celebration of culture which most countries can relate to.

The question is, how do we think about the celebration of cultures from a christian perspective?

and what do we do when some of those celebratory activities go against our convictions?

We talk about that.

For our NON-AUSTRALIAN listeners, we have included a ice-breaker conversation at the beginning, along with a translator to help you out. 

WARNING: you may spit your decaf everywhere while listening.

This is also the third of our intermittent series called “Christianity Vs. Culture” where we examine our cultural events and practices in light of our faith.

Unity in the Body of Christ

Unity in the Body of Christ

This is the long awaited return of our deeper, long-form episodes focussed on the 28 Fundamental teachings of the Bible.

In this episode we are dealing with #14 Unity in the Body of Christ. If the first part is not that relatable for you, skip to the last half where we deal with the application.

New Year News & Views

New Year News & Views

This year has been nothing short of amazing and we want to share what happened behind the scenes with you guys.

We also dig into our plans for the new year and issue a challenge at the end.

Should We Burn Christmas?

Should We Burn Christmas?

It would be tough to think of a holiday more ingrained in our culture than Christmas, but with so many conflicting ideas on whether we should celebrate it or not, how can we as christians navigate the discussion without falling to extremes?

Hopefully you will find this conversation refreshing, challenging and at times even a little funny.

This is also the second of our intermittent series called “Christianity Vs. Culture” where we examine our cultural events and practices in light of our faith.

Join us for the conversation, and please comment below!

Who are we?


Ben is our resident history expert, especially when it comes to reformation history. He is definitely the quiet analyst of our group. He brings an intellectual rigour that is insightful and unique.


Dave is a strong thinker, with a great deal of experience behind him. He has a great gift for expressing truth in a relational way that allows you to see the big picture.


Luke is the direction setting structurer of our group. Providing the broad knowledge, mental stability and enthusiastic expression that makes the conversation dynamic. Luke is a valuable asset at our table.


Mat, another history buff, has an uncanny ability to express complex ideas in easy-to-understand sound-bites. However his biggest contribution to the group is his energy. He keeps us all motivated and adds loads of authenticity.


Nathanael, although quietly spoken has a beautiful depth to his thinking and an excellent talent for using object lessons to really drive his point home. On top of that, he is also our Audio Engineer, talk about multi-skilled!

What are we doing?

We are just five guys from a regional town in Australia, with everyday jobs, everyday lives with one big thing in common. We love Jesus.

The Method

Inspired by the guys over at Lightbearers we decided to simply sit around a table and record the spiritual conversations we were already having in the hope that they would encourage others to do the same.

The Topics

We have three main episode formats,

  • Long-form Bible study (Focussing on the 28 Fundamentals)
  • Interviews with notable Adventists
  • Short-form 20 minute discussions.

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If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you, Just use the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are using our content in any kind of way, like bible study, witnessing, or christian radio, please let us know. We would love to hear how you are using it.

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