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Welcome to the podcast where five guys explore their faith
(and become brothers in the process).

…these guys have stretched my mind to think deeper about my faith on topics I didn’t know I needed to think about! I highly recommend for any Christian at whatever level of spiritual walk with God.


…it feels like you’re included in the conversation and it really feels like we’re all figuring these things out together. This is a great podcast! Also a lot of bible nerd humor which I am super for. Good dudes having good conversations.


Recent Episodes

Should we be casting out demons?

Should we be casting out demons?

This episode flows out of last week's episode talking about spiritual warfare. Have you ever been confronted by demonic activity, or know someone who has? This is a really important discussion that tries to walk the line between having an unhealthy focus on demonic...

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare

Is spiritual warfare with the supernatural an indication of how close we are with God? If we are not engaged with it does Satan not consider us worth his time or does being engaged with spiritual warfare mean, we don’t have God’s protection? In this episode we explore...

8 Questions Part 2

8 Questions Part 2

The Final Part of our Audience request Q&A is here! your questions were so good we had to split them into two episodes, so here are the last five of the eight questions all from you. Here are the questions we cover; 1. If the dead in Christ were resurrected...

Story Month

Jaqueline Bronze

Jaqueline Bronze

Hi, my name is Jaqueline, I am from Brazil. The following took place when I was in College. Sometimes during my vacations, I used to sell adventist literature as a colporteur. I remember on my first vacation that our leader used to say we probably wouldn't see the...

Karissa Thomas

Karissa Thomas

My name is Karissa Thomas.  I am a freshman at Walla Walla University and am pursuing a nursing degree.  I decided I wanted to be a nurse so I can help people and make a positive difference in the world.  I hope to do travel and missionary nursing at some point in my...

George Siems

George Siems

I’m 28 years old, live in Victoria AUS, my daily paid adventure is climbing trees (Arborist) but I love everything adventurous in the outdoors, being in nature and appreciating the wonders of what God has made always inspires me.  I’m a deep thinker and enjoy a...

Who are we?

We are just five guys from a regional town in Australia, with everyday jobs, everyday lives with one big thing in common. We love Jesus.

 ← Extrovert

Introvert →

Matt "The Larrakin" Wills

Matt is the smart guy who hides behind his jokes and has the ability to create an atmosphere people just want to be in. 

Luke "Bossman" Farrugia

Luke is the creative/ entrepreneurial one who can’t turn his brain off and doesn’t really want to. (More about Luke)

Dave "Carebear" Brown

Dave is the big-picture loving theology nut who has an unprecedented capacity to care about others. (Learn more about Dave)

Ben "The Unicorn" Ludlow

Ben is our gym-junkie, logic enforcing, resident history expert. He is also an accountant.

Nato "Technically" Tregenza

Nathanael is a quiet guy but a man of integrity and deep thought. He is currently a student pilot.

What are we doing?

Inspired by the guys over at Lightbearers we decided to simply sit around a table and record the spiritual conversations we were already having in the hope that they would encourage others to do the same.

Then we found out that if you consistently have those conversations it changes your world.

So we hope you will do the same and change your world too.

The Topics

We have three main episode formats,

  • Long-form Bible study
  • Interviews
  • Conversations about the christian experience.

Check out our outdated cheesy intro video (You’ll love it!)🤣

Get in touch

If you have any feedback or questions, we would love to hear from you, Just use the form on this page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If you are using our content in any kind of way, like bible study, witnessing, or christian radio, please let us know. We would love to hear how you are using it.

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