My name is Jordan Vallieres, I currently live in Orlando, FL and work as a Nurse Practitioner. 

Grew up Adventist my whole life, adventures, pathfinders, elementary school, Great Lakes Adventist Academy in Michigan, and Southern Adventist University in TN where I got my Nursing Degree.

Luckily, I am very passionate about my job and the way that I am able to help people through it! I am passionate about service and helping others and being in the medical field allows me to do that on a daily basis!  I love my job so it makes it even easier!

You know, I was baptized when I was around 12 I believe and since I grew up SDA my whole life, I had never really had any “come to Jesus moments” but when I decided to ultimately and publicly give my life to Him, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just a formality and I knew what I was doing!

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized more and more than it’s a daily decision that needs to be made and my pursuit of happiness is dependent on my relationship with God! Because without God, I am nothing! I could have everything going for me but if I’m not connected with my Creator, I feel a void that needs filled! 

Honestly and in full transparency, I would say I’m the true definition of a solid “luke-warm” Christian.  It’s almost like I need a life-altering experience to kick me into a real and true desire and need for God more in my life! I don’t really wish that upon myself but that’s in a way the struggle of a life-long SDA Christian…

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