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That Sinking Feeling

That Sinking Feeling

Welcome to our first no agenda bible study, just five guys going wherever the texts leads. Sit back and relax as we go through the story of Jesus saving Peter from that sinking feeling we all get when we take our eyes off Christ.

God on Trial

God on Trial

If God is all powerful and loving, why is there suffering in the world? Why does God allow evil to exist? Today we talk about Theodicy and how an all powerful and loving God can exist with our evil and suffering world.

Can you be saved without knowing Jesus?

Can you be saved without knowing Jesus?

Have you ever wondered if there will be people who are eternally saved without even knowing who Jesus is? Today we have a conversation about that, and various other tangential ideas. Listen along, maybe you will find your ideas about salvation, the gospel and evangelism challenged…

3 Things the Church Got Wrong – Combatency

3 Things the Church Got Wrong – Combatency

Welcome to the start of a new short series on the three things the church got wrong. In this episode we discuss our churches history on going to war as a combatant and the role of conscience in unclear issues. Join us for the ride, please comment below and share it!...

The Unpardonable Sin

The Unpardonable Sin

Ever wondered if you were guilty of committing the unpardonable sin? Well wonder no more! In this episode of Aus Table Talk we uncover this issue and remover its hoodoo.

The Game Master of Adventism

The Game Master of Adventism

Kyle Morrison has been a friend of ATT for some time. He is an interesting guy with loads of experience, ranging from Ministry and missionary work to marketing and game development. In this episode we finally get the chance to sit down and explore his story. The most...

Death & Mortality

Death & Mortality

Death is one of the few constant things in the human experience. In this episode we talk about our own near-death experiences and look at what the bible says on the topic.

Who are we?


Ben is our resident history expert, especially when it comes to reformation history. He is definitely the quiet analyst of our group. He brings an intellectual rigour that is insightful and unique.


Dave is a strong thinker, with a great deal of experience behind him. He has a great gift for expressing truth in a relational way that allows you to see the big picture.


Luke is the direction setting structurer of our group. Providing the broad knowledge, mental stability and enthusiastic expression that makes the conversation dynamic. Luke is a valuable asset at our table.


Mat, another history buff, has an uncanny ability to express complex ideas in easy-to-understand sound-bites. However his biggest contribution to the group is his energy. He keeps us all motivated and adds loads of authenticity.


Nathanael, although quietly spoken has a beautiful depth to his thinking and an excellent talent for using object lessons to really drive his point home. On top of that, he is also our Audio Engineer, talk about multi-skilled!

What are we doing?

We are just five guys from a regional town in Australia, with everyday jobs, everyday lives with one big thing in common. We love Jesus.

The Method

Inspired by the guys over at Lightbearers we decided to simply sit around a table and record the spiritual conversations we were already having in the hope that they would encourage others to do the same.

The Topics

We have three main episode formats,

  • Long-form Bible study (Focussing on the 28 Fundamentals)
  • Interviews with notable Adventists
  • Short-form 20 minute discussions.

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